YOUCAST FOR BLACKBERRY                                           Click here for Android

Currently YouCast for BlackBerry and JAVA Mobile are available. We are actively developing YouCast for Android and iPhone. If you have not installed YouCast at your blackberry, please directly point the blackberry browser to to install. After you successfully download and install the YouCast software. You will see the “YouCast” icon showing up.

Now you are ready to run the program. First, register your mobile number and username and email.
From options menu, you can activate compose screen to create a new cast message,  select the contact's number or e-mail address or major social network. How to send file to social network? Please go to the bottom section of this page for more detail.
and then edit annotation text and select the files from your handset to push  content to your friends via mobile phone or e-mail.
Finally, save as a draft or send it now.
If the receiver's handset did not register, it will receive such message, which requires user to install application via the link
After the receiver activate his phone, the program will kick in the receiving process immediately, he will receive the cast message right away.
Forward the cast message to other contact.

Before being able to send files to your social accounts, you need complete the following steps:

1)Click menu, and select Setup Social, you will see the social list with all Inactive status.
2)Click the social site you want to post files, such as YOUTUBE, the setup screen will come up.
3)Input email address and password, then click CONNECT, wait for the setup completed message. then click Back button. You should see YOUTUBE will be listed as Active. Please note that we do not store your password at our system to meet the compliance. In YOUTUBE case, please make sure your account is linked with your gmail account. Otherwise, the process could be rejected by youtube. The setup is one time event. Once it is completed, you will not need or be able to access the screen again.