YOUCAST FOR ANDROID                                             Click here for iPhone/iPod/iPad

YouCast for Android is available. We are actively developing YouCast for iPone. If you have not installed YouCast, please go to Android Market to download & install(market://search?  After you successfully download and install the YouCast software. You will see the “YouCast” icon showing up.

Now you are ready to run the program. First, go to menu and select register  and input userId and email address. Click "Register me", you should see a message  "Server Register successfully."
After sucessful registration, you are able to see "Compose" at menu, click it and go to compose screen to create a new cast message. You can enter multiple email addresses and phone numbers separated with ; You could also  select  the contact's number or e-mail address or social sites  by clicking "+". More detail about social network is at bottom of this page.
and then input subject/title, comment text and select the files from your handset  and click "OK"
Click the Send button to send or click return key to save as draft , starting with 0% with multi-thread and showing the progress. IF IT FAILS IN MIDDLE(red !), CLICK MENU and SELECT RESUME. Sending completion with 100% checked and moved from Pending to Outbox. CONGRATULATIONS! Your files have been sent.

RECEIVE YOUCAST FILES AT ANDROID DEVICE: With SMS or push email, the receiving should be automatically started in the Pending box and save to Inbox when it is completed.

 In case, the 'push' did not work, go to your message box (SMS or email), you should see the following message. Click "Open" button and select "yes" to import the attachement to YouCast. You have started manual receiving process. In some cases, you could use Pause and Resume to overcome the poor network connectivity.



Before being able to send files to your social accounts, you need complete the following steps:
1)Click menu, and select Social, you will see the social list with all Inactive status.
2)Click the social site you want to post files, such as YOUTUBE, the setup screen will come up.
3)Input email address and password, then click CONNECT, wait for the setup completed message. then click Back button. You should see YOUTUBE will be listed as Active. Please note that we do not store your password at our system to meet the compliance. In YOUTUBE case, please make sure your account is linked with your gmail account. Otherwise, the process could be rejected by youtube. The setup is one time event. Once it is completed, you will not need or be able to access the screen again.


 Once you have completed the setup of social sites which you want to send files to, click Menu and select Compose, you can type the social site names separated by ;  or click + sign to select from the list.