YOUCAST FOR IPHONE/IPOD TOUCH/IPAD                                 Click here for Blackberry

YouCast for iOS is available.  You can download it from iTune App Store. After you successfully download and install the YouCast software. You will see the “YouCast” icon showing up. Touch the Youcast icon, youcast screen comes up and touch "New"

If this is the first time you touch "New" button, the registration screen comes up.  Enter your name, phone # (begins with 1 at North America, if you are not at North America, leave phone # blank) and email address. Before you touch "Register" button, make sure your phone # and email address are correct and the phone # you provided can receive SMS. Youcast will send you a SMS and email to confirm. If you do not have phone # which can receive SMS, leave this field empty. By providing these information, your friends can send you file via your phone # or your email address which allows us to locate your account and deliver files to your device. Delivery is not via SMS or MMS.

After you touch "Register" button, you should see a message  "Final Step to Activate." Go to your email account to click the link to confirm your email address and go to SMS box to confirm your number


If you touch "New" button before you confirm your info in email box or SMS, "Further action is required" screen will come up. So confirm your info before proceeding. After confirmation your info, the registration is completed

Touch "Inbox" and "New" button,  the compose screen comes up.  First, touch "Media" to select files you want to send.


To add multiple files,  touch "Media" again after a file is added. Touch "+" sign to add a recipient from your address book. To have multiple recipients, you need touch "+" sign one by one. You can also directly input recipient's email address or phone #. To directly input  recipient, make sure you hit the "Next' key after inputting each recipient to activate the "send" button (you could see the rectangle background after you hit "Next" key). Otherwise, "Send" button will stay grey out.  Input subject (MAX 100 characters), comment text (touch the "Text" button).  Please note that there is no particular order to select files first or have recipients first.

Touch the "Send" button to send or touch "Cancel" button key to save a draft or discard . Starting with 0% with multi-thread and showing the progress. IF IT FAILS IN MIDDLE, touch RESUME. Sending completion with 100% with youcast icon. Touch "Outbox" button to see the list of sending tasks. CONGRATULATIONS! Your files have been sent.
 After successfully sending, the "forward" icon shows up (allow you to send files to same people or different people).


The receiving should be automatically started in the Inbox if Youcast is open. Otherwise, you should get popup notfication when new files arrive. You can "Add it" or reject to receive the files by not responding to the notification.


In the event that you did not response the notification on time,  check your email to manually trigger the file receiving process by open the attachment in youcast



Before being able to send media files to your social accounts, you need complete the following steps:
1)Touch "Social", you will see the social list.
2)Touch the social site you want to post files, such as YOUTUBE, the setup screen will come up.
3)Input email address and password, then click CONNECT, wait for the "Connection succeed!" message. then touch "Social networks" button. You should see YOUTUBE will be listed as "Activated". Please note that we do not store your password at our system to meet the compliance. In YOUTUBE case, please make sure your account is linked with your gmail account. Otherwise, the process could be rejected by youtube. The setup is one time event. Once it is completed, you will not need or be able to access the screen again.

Once you have completed the setup of social sites which you want to send files to, touch "New" and "+" sign in the compose screen, touch "Social Network" in the destination list. Other steps are same as before.