What is YouCast

Youcast is a mobile internet service that enables you to send/receive files to your YouCast friends by using handset’s internet connection (3G/4G/WiFi).

With YouCast, you can exchange media files with your mobile friends instantly via push technologies. It's perfect for off-line content review instead of online streaming. It supports parallel, scheduled, segmented upload and download with CRC checksum with efficient network bandwidth utilization.

YouCast is developed in Platform neutral J2ME. 

Why YouCast

Difference from traditional MMS: No size limitation, No physical network limitations, connectionless protocol, multiple files supported, multiple sender and receiver threads, multiple destination types such as phone number.

  • Connectionless push.
  • Unlimited files sharing. Instant delivery push.
  • Working on WIFI and internet plan.
  • No PC required. Segmented upload and download.
  • Complete free of charge on software or service, all you need is your mobile phone.
  • No physical network limitations.
  • More flexibility, more open, more scalability.
  • Platform neutral.

How YouCast Works